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  1. G

    Surface Pro 3 has stopped working

    Hi, first of all i want to apologize for my bad english. I was working with my Surface and my monitor (extended desktop), and suddenly the surface just went off (it was with the charger). I restarted like normally, but when i was in the desktop menu, the two screens just freeze and start...
  2. CaptainTime

    Screencasting Options?

    I am a speaker and I use the Surface Pro 3 for my presentations. Generally, I have used it as a normal laptop during presentations, connecting to projectors or TV screens via HDMI or VGA cables. But I have come to realize I am not using all the educational power of the Surface Pro 3. I have...
  3. L

    How much force can Surface pro 3 screen support without getting damaged?

    I currently own a surface pro 3 and I am concerned about its durability. So I want to ask how durable is the device itself and can it withstand the force of a person pushing against the screen? Thank you Edit: Let me rephrase this. How much pressure in units of N/m^2 can it support??
  4. M

    Touch screen not working under Windows Server 2016 Desktop Experience

    I have installed Windows Server 2016 on my Surface Pro 3. I usually use a mouse and keyboard, so it's not a big deal, but I notice that the touch screen isn't working. In order to get the wireless working I had to `Install-WindowsFeature -Name Wireless-Networking` before installing the surface...
  5. M

    Touchscreen and Surface Pro 3 Pen not working since recent Win10 Updates.

    Hello, Both my touchscreen and Surface Pro 3 Pen technology seem to have all gone down since rencent updates occured just before or over the weekend. I have tried enable/disable and uninstall/reinstall all the HID compliant drivers in Device Manager. I have not yet found the drivers to try to...
  6. L

    Sp3 isses

    I will never buy a surface product again. I'm on my second one in just over a year and I continue to have screen problems. First SP3 the screen had a dead spot. My second one the screen has epileptic seizures. I'm out of warranty and there's no way in hell I'm paying $100 to talk to support...
  7. E

    Surface Pro 3 Not Waking Up

    I have only had my surface pro 3 for a year and 3 months. It has not woken up multiple times from putting it to sleep over the past year where I have to press the buttons to restart it and it usually works fine then. This past week, two weeks after my warranty is up, I was on it and put it to...
  8. A

    Surface Pro 3 with Windows 10 - pen is not working

    Hi, Did you encounter this issue? Just upgraded the Surface Pro 3 to Windows 10 before the free upgrade deadline. The upgrade went thru fine but he pen is not working. I can only double click on the purple button twice to launch the Note program but I can't use the pen as a mouse at all. I...
  9. M

    Recovery partition/image recovery

    Hello everyone. I got a SPro3 with 8.1. I wanted to upgrade to Windows 10 and so I did, from within the system. Then I managed to save a system image using Acronis True Image, successfully. But then comes the issue. After the image I've made some modifications such as creating a new user and...
  10. P

    High Definition Audio Controller Not Working

    Hey, I've had this problem for days and I cannot find a fix for it. One of the two High Definition Audio Drivers is showing an exclamation mark over it in the Device Manger, and this now means that I cannot get audio over HDMI, which is a big issue for me, as I mainly use my SP3 when...
  11. F

    ?Connection? in kickstand loose

    Hi guys, I am wondering what these two metal(?) foil connections, from kickstand to the surface inside, in the centre of the kickstand are. Are they electrical connections for an antenna? However one of those is loose, as I recognized correctly. Does anyone knows what and for what they are...
  12. Z

    Accelerometer spec

    I need to know what is the sampling rate of the Surface 3 pro for a project that I develop. Can anyone share this info ?
  13. F

    Surface Pro 3 Lines on Screen Flickering.

    Was wondering if anyone has seen this issue or knows of a fix to it. i7 512 GB. More information in the description of the video.
  14. K

    Intel HD Graphics Control Panel Gone with Windows 10

    Can someone please tell me how I can get this app back? It disappeared when I upgraded to Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 3. The app is still showing on the app list but does not appear when I right click the desktop or when I click the app. It was really helpful in calibrating my display. Much...
  15. F

    How can I reconnect once removed MS Arc Touch Bluetooth mouse?

    Hello forum, I have Windows 10 on my Surface Pro3 and having problem with re-connect and pair Microsoft Arc Touch Bluetooth mouse. From Setting -> Devices -> Bluetooth, I have mistakenly removed the paired Microsoft Arc Touch Bluetooth mouse. I've been trying to re-connect and pair but just...
  16. 8

    Fan issues anyone?

    So today my fan died and I downloaded Speccy in order to determine my temp and how it was managed since my fan isnt working and I wondered if anyone else had issues concerning the life of the fan. I have not had my surface for even a year
  17. J

    FS: Urban Armor Gear RED CASE *SP3* $30!

    $30 shipped! Will arrive with a red pen loop already attached on the left side! For Surface Pro 3 only Amazon has it for $59.99:
  18. B

    Intel driver issue after updating to Win 10

    Hello together, I have updated my Surfce Pro 3 to Windows 10 and after this the Intel graphic Driver was not installed anymore. I realized this as my external Monitor is not working through the docking station. Also any other external Monitor with a connector is not Wirkung. I tried to update...
  19. P

    Solved Problem with touch screen

    I have a Surface Pro 3 (i7 256gb). I've had it for about 1,5 month now without any problems (I'm running Win 10). Yesterday I noticed, as I was about to enter an adress in IE that the touch screen didn't respond. At first I tought that IE stopped working, but as I was clicking around with my...
  20. S

    Running Dual Screen

    Hi, I have a Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10. I was wondering if anyone knew what combination of add ons I would need to run my television as a second screen. I'm after a way of sending video from my surface (but not specific apps so Chromecast etc is no good) to the television while...

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