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  1. J

    SPro3 Charging problems!

    Here's the deal, My surface is less than a year old and my charger began getting faulty (or so i thought) it just didn't charge then did, then didnt until it completely went. I thought this was my surface, a driver problem of some sort in which i was sent a replacement but then to be told they...
  2. P

    Photoshop CC on surface pro 3

    I just got a Surface Pro 3, i7 256gb model about a week ago. I'm a photographer and retoucher. I got the Surface mainly to do retouch while traveling. I haven't yet got to try it out for real in Photoshop for any long periods, as I'm a mac user I constantly press the windows button and it gets...
  3. Moonsurface

    Solved Display brightness SP3. after Windows 10 upgrade

    I may be wrong here but I think that since I upgraded to win 10 the display on my SP3 seems dimmer than before. Where I used to set it at around 35% for comfortable use in normal indoor lighting I now have to set it at 50%. Anyone else noticed this? Is the display brightness curve different in...
  4. btreece

    Solved Pen Customization 'cuz MS won't do it

    As a new Surface buyer (Surface Pro 4 -- i5 8G 256 lot#1541), I cannot believe how long it has been for veterans of both this website & the Microsoft Community website, to share, ask & wait for a Pen Customization solution from Microsoft. :mad: Ever since the pen came about with the Surface...
  5. D

    Solved Surface Pro 3 stopped working after updating to new Windows 10 (threshold 2)

    Hey guys, need some help with my surface pro 3. I recently updated the Surface with the latest drivers and updates from microsoft (threshold 2). After the surface loaded, it seemed to work fine initially. After leaving the surface on my desk for the day, I came back and realized that the lights...
  6. J

    Docking Station AC Cord Question

    Hi, I have a Surface Pro (yes I know this is the SP3 forum, hear me out). I am thinking about buying a new dock off of Ebay, someone's selling it because it shipped without a power cord. I'd like to buy a power cord for it, but the only ones that are being sold on Ebay are SP3 Docking Station...
  7. D

    Surface Pro 3 Screen Wont Turn on (powers up)

    I've had the surface pro 3 for about two months now. Twice now the screen went out but I was able to get it back on by fiddling around with a bit. But now no matter what I try the screen will not turn back on. It powers up so I am able to connect a monitor to the display port. I have reinstalled...
  8. P

    Running Win7 on a SP3 w/ Win10 as secondary OS - is a Win7 VM the best way to go?

    This question fits into more than one subcategory, so I apologize in advance if I posted this in the wrong section. In short, I want to be able to use Windows 7 on my SP3 with Windows 10. I assume creating a VM of 7 will be the most feasible method, but have some questions on this. I just...
  9. A

    Surface Pro 3 showing no life signs - like a brick

    Hi all, I was using my Surface Pro 3 and battery died fifteen minutes after giving a low battery warning, just like it happened every time before that. Now when I recharged my surface (the charging light on the charger still turn stable white) it didn't turned on. Now my surface Pro 3 is...
  10. P

    Power Bank for SP3?

    Hey guys. I am sorry if I my post is going to overlap with an older one, but I could not find a specific one through the threads. I have the SP3 for some time now and I do use it on the go. So far, the battery itself has been enough for me, but I have been looking into buying a power bank of...
  11. L

    Surface Pro 3 overheats in bag

    Even with nothing running, when I pull it out of my bag after walking to class, it feels like it's on fire, the battery is dead, and the fan is going crazy? What could be going on with it?
  12. 2nd

    Solved HDMI Scaling on TV?

    Good day, I'm using a Surface Pro 3, upgraded to Windows 10. I have a tv, flat screen, but HD ready only. Though the TV has HDMI connector. I've bought a MiniDP to HDMI cable, 5m, and it's working. Though there's an issue: I'm missing HDMI scaling options which you have f. e. in ATI Catalyst...
  13. theintersect91

    Creative and Productive Ways to Use Your Surface

    So I got my Surface 3 a few months ago and I have loved using it in class and for homework and other important things. I really want to use the heck out of this thing and was wondering if anyone has any creative and ultra-productive ways to use a Surface that I haven't thought about yet. Whether...
  14. I

    Windows Startup problem after Updates

    Folks, again another great update from Microsoft!! With another firmware update (many still have hope that some day will fix the surface problems). I don't know when microsoft launched it, but I did today (September 22). It broke my windows 8.1 in my surface pro 3. So now my windows doesn't...
  15. U

    Setting Changes Not Working Properly

    So wondering if anyone is having this issue or if I am missing something and can get some assistance! So I have noticed a couple things in settings that I have changed that are not working properly. First I went into settings - sign in options - require sign in to never. This I thought would...
  16. G

    SP3 deleting my handwriting in onenote :(

    I use my SP3 OneNote application for doing math for school and work but I am consistently having the problem of it deleting entire lines of work after I am done writing, sometimes 2 or 3 lines at a time! I have a feeling it has something to do with the cursor because I can see it blinking behind...
  17. P

    Remote desktop connection surface pro 3

    Sp3 windows 10, I want to use handwriting recognition on my remote desktop connection Windows Server 2012 r2
  18. L

    Windows 10 start button and task bar not working

    Hello :) Specifications: Windows 10, Surface Pro 3 (Swiss version), 256 Gb. Uses avira, drawboard PDF, redshift, office, matlab. Definition: "not working": no reaction to be seen on screen. Nor in the program behaviour. Problem: the Windows keyboard button is not working. The windows icon button...
  19. J

    Otterbox Symmetry Series Case (SP3)

    Anyone seen this before? It looks pretty stylish but the price tag is way too much. If it was $40-50 I'd try it out, but now $130 Stylish & Slim Surface Pro 3 Case from OtterBox Available on Amazon:
  20. J

    connecting to a wireless epson projector via EasyMP

    I have a computer lab of Surface Pro 3's running Windows 8.1. We have used the Epson EasyMP Network Projection software to connect with the projector with our laptops in the past (version 2.86). I have not been able to connect to the projectors with the software installed on the Surface Pro 3...

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