surface pro 3

  1. G

    Locked Out of UEFI.

    I set a password for my Surface pro 3 after fiddling with the UEFI settings. Now I cant remember the password I set. It seems I disabled the wifi and some other thing like its ability to boot from USB and the sound. I was able to boot a recovery "disk" form within widows and do a factory reset...
  2. J

    Surface Pro 3 Swipe/Touch Gestures disappeared

    Ever since I have installed the Win10 upgrade on my SP3, Touch gestures such as swiping from the right side of the screen to bring up the action center has disappear after a few update patches have been installed. I’ve already tried to reset the surface with a fresh windows 10 installed, these...
  3. CrazyRex

    Surface Pro 3 won't turn on

    Hi everyone, I hope someone could help me here, cuz I'm starting to feel wicked crazy. Yesterday, I turned off my Surface Pro 3 as I do almost everyday. It has been on Windows 10 for a week or two. It never crashed before and went pretty smooth til today. This morning while at work, I tried to...

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