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Creative and Productive Ways to Use Your Surface


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So I got my Surface 3 a few months ago and I have loved using it in class and for homework and other important things. I really want to use the heck out of this thing and was wondering if anyone has any creative and ultra-productive ways to use a Surface that I haven't thought about yet. Whether it's unorthodox ways to use programs and apps or even cool apps and programs that are reliable and make life easier. Also, hidden features are that you have found are more than welcome! I'm looking for anything and everything! :)


I use one note a lot so sometimes I find myself doing "print to onenote" for web sites or even pdf's that I want to put notes on.


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I echo that about OneNote.

If you're looking for . . .
cool apps and programs that are reliable and make life easier
I have 1 notebook for work and 1 for personal/home stuff.
At work I use it as a whiteboard for teaching. I copy agendas for meetings and then insert my own notes (I use pen and handwriting recognition keyboard a lot). If a conference has a pdf of their PowerPoint slides I can have both open side-by-side and copy/paste (or Send to OneNote) slides or charts or tables from the slides right into my OneNote notes.

For home use you can make shopping lists and then access them on a smart phone while out shopping. By using shared notebooks someone else can even add items while you're at the store.
Speaking of shared notebooks, using it as a white board others can have the same notebook open and see what you're writing/drawing and add their own notes in real time from anywhere in the world. Now that's cool.

To see other cool stuff you can do with a Surface, search YouTube for videos by Sean Ong.
Get Drawboard from the Store if you want to be able to mark on PDF documents with your Surface Pen. I work in a situation where I've found it useful as a tool for having people sign documents online.


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It replaces my paper based books and magazines, I use it to read to create. OneNote....OneNote....OneNote, I use Outlook, Skype for Business with OneNote for meetings, tasks and action items. I use Drawboard for PDF annotation and research...


get a docking station (or 3) ive cut my household computers down. one surface 3 docking stations and I don't have to worry about sharing files. what cant this thing do?. I can now order ice cream sandwiches and have it delivered in about 45 minutes. life is CrAzY, so is the surface. work on music and graphics in my man cave. bring it to the living room upstairs and show them both on my TV within minutes.

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