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White flash on slower boot-up + slumber mode gone.


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So within this last week without having updates to my graphics card i suddenly have extremely slow boot-up and once button is pushed it takes 5 second for the screen to react, then a white flash, then Surface logo.

On top of that, my sleep mode is gone, i can now only choose from hibernate, turn off or nothing.

For a year now i've had it so that i can quickly get into my computer thru sleep/slumber mode (not hibernate), but not the button turns my SP3 on and off, i did nothing to change this and i do not like that some kinda update did this to my computer, it is messing with my daily routines of work and play.Please help me!

PS: And yes even in advanced power settings i cannot add the option of sleep (Slumber).


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Positive side-effect, vibration on home button is now completely turned off (finallllyyyy). Which i love!. But.... what the heck is going on? Does anybody know? PS: Not the trade off i had imagined.

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