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Weird Disconnecting Issue.

Jay Marino

So, randomly about every day, my computer goes through this disconnecting issue.

Where, even during periods of activity it does this:

1.) Boom! Auto rotate on.
2.) Boom! Drive D and Drive G disconnected (I have a HD plugged into the back behind the kickstand and a USB drive attached to the side of the unit)
3.) Boom! Bluetooth disconnected.

All in a matter of 1 second.

Then my mouse doesn't work (surface mouse via bluetooth) and my surface keyboard (via bluetooth) and since then only my touchscreen will work for navigating, I have to restart the computer.

Other things to note, this has happened while plugged into the SP4 dock, the SP3 dock and while not docked at all. Being on power cord or without also doesn't seem to change this.

I have gone through the settings and changed bluetooth to not save for power.
It does not disconnect from WIFI or from internet thats plugged in via docking station.

Any other suggestions? Anyone else experience this? Very frustrating while in front of a client and the system disconnects from everything.


I had this bad with Windows 8.1 on the Surface Po 4 dock. I would have to reboot the dock or the Surface Pro 3 to get it to work.
With Window 10 the Problem is there just not as bad. I only have this problem when connected to the Surface Po 4 dock, I don't have the problem on battery or connected to the Surface Pro 3 power supply
Jay Marino

Jay Marino

Very interesting. Thank you for sharing. I will have to test tomorrw and see if it's the dock or if i'm just connected to battery power if it happens. Anyone else have this issue? I wonder if a non-surface pro dock would then have the same issue....


In Windows 8.1 it started out of the box. I thought the dock was bad so I exchanged it, the second one was the same way.
With Windows 10 the dock was a lot better but lately it has started again. I don't know if it was the new firmware update.

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