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Undervolt with InstantGo (connected standby) enabled


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Hi, I'm from Europe, just waiting for SB. Anyway, I have some questions:

1. Are there any improvements regarding battery life in case of undervolting?

2. I prefer FANLESS solution for light work. Unfortunately, SB doesn't support fanless core m3 version. On the other hand, due to a new hybrid cooling system the fan shouldn't run for web browsing etc.
see Here's How The Improved Liquid Cooling System Works In The Surface Pro 4 - Microsoft News
Is it true? Generally, what do you think about underclocking (e.g., up to 50%) to get fanless solution? Is it possible to switch off a fan in BIOS?



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It was not possible for the user to control the fan in SP3. I doubt this capability will be present in SP4 or SB either. The fan is there to protect the system so turning it off is not allowed.

I have seen no practical benefit to undervolting a Surface over time. The Surface dynamically manages CPU/GPU power and clock and making changes typically results in crashing especially entering or exiting connected standby.

You might see some temporary benefit during some very specific test cases although augmented cooling with an external fan has shown to be easier and more effective.

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