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[SP4] Status bar freezes


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Hi All,

I setup the SP4 today. Everything seemed to work like a charm until I downloaded and installed the updates Windows offered through the update function (not the 18/11 upgrade though). After a reboot to finish the update process everything looked normal. However, whenever I click Windows or systems buttons/icons, nothing opens or reacts. This includes:
  • Windows button
  • search bar
  • Windows store
  • battery
  • audio
  • notifications
  • wiFi
  • bluetooth
  • date/time
Only icons which are working are:
  • show windows screens
  • open "This PC"
  • keyboard
  • all manually installed programs like Anti Virus and Google Drivd

Additional notes:
  • When I am charging the device and make a reboot and log in again, I see the battery icon moving to show the charging process. Once I click on any icon in the bar though, it freezes.

Has anybody experiences similar issues?
Does anybody have an idea how to fix this?


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