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Go 2 and Face Recognition


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Hi all, 3 weeks ago I bought a Surface Go 2 (I love It). All Windows updates have been installed. Here is the issue. Setup the Hello Face login and it worked great for a couple of days. Then it wouldn't recognize my face. No errors, just the eyeball searching and searching. So I use my pin to log in and go do the face setup thing again (a few times). Now it works great for a few days. Then it doesn't see me again (no error messages). So I go and do the setup again. This loop has continued. Every few days I have to go in and setup my face. Anyone know whats going on. An easy fix without starting over?


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Lighting situations may be the culprit. Have you been doing the Hello Face setup in the same place? If so, move it to someplace with natural light (indirect sunlight), which has the widest spectrum for the camera. Dim incandescent or fluorescent lighting may have been the problem for recognition.

Another issue may be some grease or debris or screen protector in front of the camera lens.

Or your face is aging very quickly and you should see a doctor. :):oops:


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Update: I've shut that "feature" off. It just won't work without fiddling with it. Disappointed. I still love this thing though. I have bigger and faster computers but this is my primary computer now. It just forgets my puss.

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