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Who is getting one? Why or Why not?


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Still mulling it over... I want it to be more, have more, than I think it is, does.

Aside from that I have had 10 inch devices in the past and I thought they were too small, keyboard to cramped. To me, the Surface 3's 10.8 inch size was perfect. I realize that some may find 10.0/10.1 perfect for them. Also for a certain segment of the school market this size (call it child sized if you will) may be the perfect size.

Hoping the performance will be better than I expect or Windows 10 suddenly gets intelligent machine learning optimizations and lightens itself automatically on lower end hardware. The Surface 3 is ok until the heavy handed thumb of Windows 10 interminable background tasks presses the overhead beyond what it can reasonably handle.


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I have a SB2 15 and while I do love it...the clipboard just doesn't get the battery life I need for meetings and reading...so I'm picking up the 8/128 for my companion notetaker :) It will be here on the 2nd


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I have a good use case for my Surface Pro. If my company rolls out Bring Your Own Computer in the Netherlands, the minimum to use is a i5/8/256 configuration. Otherwise I would sooner opt for an HP X2 on ARM than a Surface Go


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I think I will get one to replace my Surface Pro 2 as traveling computer. It will save some weight, have better stand and hopefully the trackpad is a huge improvement (but is it so good that I don't have to bring a mouse as I must now?). Unfortunately it will be less performance but I don't think that is of any concern.
I'm using windows Pro though for all my windows computer since I use bitlocker so I don't think I would want a windows home version.
I would get the 8GB version. If 256GB will be available I consider that but would probably manage with 128GB.
I have considered just an Ipad for traveling but in some situations I need windows as when I need to log in at work and it has better handling of all my pdf:s (perhaps that is solved in IOS, I don't know).

I think MS should improve their touch support in windows 10. Now it's not possible to use as a tablet only. Windows 8 was significantly better in this regard with the full screen Explorer. MS should make a tablet version of Edge.


I do all my work on an S3 and have for the past 3 years. I'm replacing my S3 with a Go as soon as I can get one with LTE. I intend to use it as my only computer. At work it will be docked to a 23" display, mouse and keyboard. The ability to use the Model 1661 dock was a significant factor in my decision. Out of the office, it will be used for online research, annotation and writing occasionally lengthy technical documents. I have found my S3 to be quite capable in those roles. After a hands-on session with a 64/4GB Go at BB, I'm satisfied that the Pentium 1440Y will suffice and will be a significant upgrade from the Atom. I am looking forward to trying an SSD model. The only concern I have is the keyboard and its fitness for moderately heavy work. I'm hoping that my hands can learn and adapt to the smallish keys. Microsoft should have stayed with the design of the S3's KB.


Not getting one. Already have a surface pro. I don't understand the hardware and cpu choice made, with a questionable state of quality of the tablet mode experience in windows 10. As long as this is not adressed I don't see much value in investing in this device, nor recommending it to others.


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I'm really intrigued by the Surface Go after a short stint at Best Buy - especially how little difference in size, heft, and balance there is with my iPad Pro 10.5. The kickstand is awesome (as usual) and the keyboard is much better than the Smart Keyboard - performance will be the decision point (that, and release of a 256gb SSD/LTE model).

Why oh why do the LTE versions of these devices lag 6-12 months behind then non-LTE versions? Why even advertise there will be an LTE version?
I like reading what others have to say about the device and their reasons for getting it or not. I still use my Surface 2 and have recently purchased an Acer Switch 3.

I will keep an eye on this thread, out of curiosity and reading reviews online. Wishing Microsoft all the best.


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Before purchasing my Surface Pro, I had a Surface 3 128/4 LTE (still have it, just need to sell it) and it was near perfect.
Full Windows rather than some mobile OS: perfect!
Kickstand (even though only a few positions): makes it perfectly lapable!
Size: great! I do notice I used the Surface 3 much more as a tablet than my Surface Pro
The Atom and 4GB RAM have never been an issue for me personally

Would have hoped, however, that a successor would have had somewhat smaller bezels. Due to the larger bezels it still looks somewhat old fashioned.

Still thinking of getting a device that I use as a tablet only. For surfing on the couch and as navigation/media device for in the car. However, Android comes to mind then. Mapping is better in the Netherlands and some other stuff for tablet only is slightly better.

Will be keeping an eye on this thread as well. As for LTE: that X16 LTE modem is great! Works a lot better than the LTE modem I had in my Surface 3


Just saw it at Staples, pretty light, but the bezel is too big, MS could make it to 11” under the same size, I’ll still stick with my 4 years old SP3 until surface go has big change.

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