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  • Metalinm,
    May I ask you about the SP2 battery life. I got mine few days ago but I don't satisfy with the battery life on my SP2. I had sold my SP for SP2. Unfortunately, I only got around 6 hours non stop web surfing time with power save mode, brightness 40%. Video play is around 5 hours with kmplayer. I never get pass to 7 hours or 8 hours as other people stage. They ask me to wait few more days and let the system to optimize its own. Then I will get a better battery life.
    May I ask do you have this experience? Short battery life on first few days? I already did the firmware update. Still don't see any improvement. I didn't instill the intel HD driver yet.
    AnandTech | Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Firmware Update Improves Battery Life
    The above indicated after firmware update, SP2 can have 8.3 hours web surfing wifi on and 7.7 video playback time. Is it truth for yours?thx
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