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Touchscreen Calibration problem?


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Update: I think the trackpad in contact with the touch screen while charging is causing it for me. Here is a fix that works for me: a piece of cardboard to cover the trackpad.


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Sorry for necroing this but I just had the same issue and had to return. MI always charge with the type cover on. I won't be with the new one. Any more info on this issue though?


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Hi thanks for your reply. No update from me, I just got used to it. I reboot whenever it happens. I'm interested to see if your replacement still has the issue though. I wonder how many people have this issue and don't realise what causes it?


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I had exactly the same problem. Microsoft sent me a replacement, but the new unit had exactly the same issue at the same spot. I can reproduce it by turning the SP3 on with the Type Cover closed, wait a few seconds, open it and start drawing in FreshPaint (last step is only for visualisation).

However, I was in contact with the Microsoft Support today and they will send me a new Type Cover. Let's hope this fixes my problem!


Hi I have the same issue, intermittent dead spot top left of the screen, always fixed by a reboot. Theory: somehow related to the type cover, when closed the dead spot is exactly aligned to a rectangular patch to the left of the trackpad and below the keyboard where it touches the screen? Also I only ever see it after charging overnight with the type cover on and closed. Could be wrong, I'm going to test these theories.

That totally hits the mark!

I've put my Surface up side down (Keyboard on the table) closed and charged it over night!
And now i have this Problem with the unresponding Touch screen! Pen still works fine. And it's gone after a reboot.

So does changing the Keyboard help with this Problem?

P.S this video mentioned earlier is awesome!


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That firmware update from N-Trig works perfectly. The instructions are somewhat odd, though. They mean:
Extract to your home directory (or anywhere else)
Click on CalibG4.exe
Wait for it to finish without touching the screen


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This just happened to me, bought a SP3 from eBay and the owner swore that he has no problems and he rarely used it (it's in immaculate condition as far as looks go). This link just saved me! That file is def. going on my backup drive.


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i have a surface 3 (not pro) and have this exact issue, i thought it could be related to the type cover... this pretty much confirms my thoughts and ill do the same tests as other have done above.
i have already exchanged the device twice and the girl at the MS store probably thinks im nuts now. i even asked if the cover could be the problem and she gave me a very strong, "no its not possible."
The link above doesn't seem to work for the surface 3, does anyone have this fix for my model?

not sure how MS could not have fixed this issue by now.


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I wonder if this is related to my problem - the touch screen works great for me until I install Adobe Creative Cloud and then it gets terrible. Taps registering in the wrong spot, swipes not working, etc.. I haven't seen anybody else post about it being cause by Creative Cloud though except me. If I uninstall the Adobe Apps and Creative Cloud the touch problems go away.

Peter Steier

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I had the same problem just now with my surface pro 3. CalibG4.exe helped (so far). Almost queued up for a new surface pro... maybe I will do that anyways, if I read positive reports here.

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