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Surface Pro 3 Dock mini display port STILL not working


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Ok, I'm now on my SECOND dock and the display port coming out of the back of it still isn't working.

I've tried all three of these cable adapters:


On this Monitor:


I'm at my wit's end with this thing. Ive also tried hooking it up to a Panasonic TV using the dock and still nothing. Anything else I can try before I give up completely? It's unfortunate because I really want to be able to use this thing but if the display port doesn't work I don't see a point. I get nothing at all, doesn't even recognize that there's another monitor there. The mini display port on the surface itself works fine.


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Mine will not even power up in the dock. I have to power it up then put it in the dock. Mini display port doesn't work. Basically it is an expensive charging station right now.


ive had to fight with the resulotion a few times, from what i understand it's a bit picky. try changing the setting for the 2nd display. might take a few tries, its worth a shot. once it works it is AWsome!!. it remembers the hardware profile. even if you have 2 difrent docking stations.


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the cheap white one does a great job here.


No Problems so far.


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Bump. Any other suggestions involving updating the intel display adapters? I haven't been able to figure out how to do that.


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Hi Peter,
it looks like you have a 4k monitor attached to your SP, could you please share what model of SP and which Monitor you are using?
Is it running on 30 or 60 Hz?
What ist the experience so far?

Thanks for sharing.



Hi Oliver,

I have got this one last week.

Acually I am running it With MiniDp to HDMI, and I guess it is 30 Hz. I cannot check this right now, because I am travelling till the end of the week. I have ordered a DisplayPort to Mini Display Port 1.2 cable (Lenovo # 0B47091) and will test this during the next Weekend.

I switched from a 27" Thunderbolt Display, and the fist Impression is still WOW!!! The resulution on this tiny device is amazing.


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So should I try to exchange the dock yet again? Or is it something with my actual surface and/or monitor?


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If this setup works off the SP3s port and not off the docks port it seems fairly obvious...

I'm not impressed by the level of difficulty experienced across the industry with DP devices though... seems like something is amiss in the standard for there to be so many problems. maybe it will all work better when we get to displayport 2.0 or 3.0 :)
So should I try to exchange the dock yet again? Or is it something with my actual surface and/or monitor?

It's possible the SP3 port is dual mode (DP++), while the dock is only DP. If that's true, you would need an "active" DP->DVI or DP->HDMI cable (not just a passive cable) to use the dock, while passive cables would work with the SP3 itself.

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