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Surface Laptop 4 with Dock2


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I have the problem with using Surface Laptop 4 + Dock2 + 2 Monitors. The problem - when I start computer after hypernate or sleeping mode then only one monitor become active, but 2nd monitor still "sleeps" and solutions are - reconnect 2nd monitor to the docking station or reboot computer. I had installed Surface diagnostic tool and got all latest surface updates, but issue still exist. Unfortunately I can't prove it how the same Dock2 works with other Surface models, because simply do not have other models. I installed WMI Instance Provider and saw that Dock2 has the following Microcontroller version number: 5.202.139. I also have another Dock2 with Microcontroller version number: 5.306.139 (not sure how it was installed/updated), but in fact both docking stations with combinations more than 1 Surface Laptop 4 have the same issue. By the way I have the same issue with Dell and LG monitors. Unfortunately can't test it, if some other monitors have the same issue. Does somebody can suggest solution for that?

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