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Screen makes "click" or "ticking" sound when pushing on it


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I found the similar problem here but i have it on my surface pro 7. I bought surface 2 week ago and it started makes click sound (similar sound like when you click on touchpad) when i touch the screen with little force the center of the left side.
Do anyone have the same issue?


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Just a little bit on mine. I cannot really feel it, it just hear a tiny click when pressing a little bit left of the camera


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Idk what to do, It's okay or not. Before i had ipad it did not make any sound even if touch with large strength


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It could be that the adhesives are not completely cured. As your SP7 ages (and is exposed to normal heat), the adhesives around the screen may expand or flow just enough to take up the gap.

This was the case with my (original) Surface Pro. It made a slight snapping sound for the first 6 months or so.

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