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Official I ordered a Surface Book


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Mine had the same issue. Now I understand why it was saying Delivery for Monday when I first looked. Mine left Shanghai, CN about 3 hours ago, so it’ll probably reach the US this afternoon.

Wayne Orwig

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I pre-ordered late in the game, so I have a 7 week wait, it states.
I have a question for anyone that has had hands on. As we know, there is a gap at the hinge when the book is closed. Not a bad thing IMHO because it keeps the keyboard from rubbing the screen. But, what about the top edge of the screen where it hits the keyboard? Is there a bumper there?


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Clearance now completed, apparently. Delivery updated and now says this morning by 10:30am PT.

But my Surface Docks still do not have a delivery estimate. :( I'm not setting up my SB with the tangled mess with the USB hub that I'm using now for my SP2. I'm hoping that the Docks are now available in-store so that I can pick one up if my delivery is not going to be today.

Update: It is now 12:00pm PT and FedEx page is still showing delivery today. So I called and the automated response indicated that the package has cleared customs and it is with the delivery location that services my area. I am skeptical of this because online it still shows that it is in Memphis.

So I decided to speak to an agent and he said that it just cleared customs and that the delivery will be Monday.
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My Surface Book has been sitting in a Fed Ex Building that is about a 10-minute drive from my house since 4:00 yesterday. Sucks having to wait all weekend knowing how close it is. :)

Deryl McCarty

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My SB is also 10-15 minutes away on hold pending the 26th. Sigh. Marketing trumps Panos. But by noon tomorrow this too will pass and I will be another happy camper with new tool to explore.

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