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Love everything about surface book, but not the hinge!


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I will say that if anybody has issues about the hinge not being sturdy... DONT worry it is plenty sturdy. If your bag is so dirty that your worried about stuff getting in between the screen and keyboard that stuff could get into any port on any laptop. Just clean your bag.


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I don't mind the hinge at all. It's super weird that it opens more when the computer is on than when it is off, but I don't need to open it with the computer off, so that's okay.

I don't love the balance point. I find when I have it on my lap I have to keep my wrists on the keyboard to stop the computer from tilting too far backwards. However, I don't really use it on my lap very much, so this isn't a problem for me. It would bother me a lot if I was constantly using it on my lap while sitting in a chair.


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... deleted my original post because I don't want to get sucked into arguing with haters and fanbois.

For me the Hinge was the last thing I was concerned about, just search the term Surface Book Problems Reported. You be the judge.

Again, I do think MS might be onto something with the SB. Look at the SP line. The first was wide-right and the 3rd was pretty awesome. If this SB is any indication, the SB3 should be a no-brainer purchase.

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