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keyboard only works when power is fully drained Help!


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I have an issue with my surface pro that I brought as the title sates the keyboard won’t work unless the power is fully drained out then it magically works? I assumed it was a hardware issue but now that iv seen it works when drained down, I believe it’s a software? I have tried multiple keyboards so I know for sure it’s not the keyboard. Also all the drives in device manager have software assigned Can someone advise?


Surface pro 3

OS: windows 10





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This problem may not be software. You must isolate the problem to see if the keyboard is causing the issue. It may have an intermittent short which only occurs when your mains power is not attached. The short may also be in the computer itself. Isolating the problem is the next step.

Try to borrow somebody else's keyboard, for a test.


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thanks for the response , no its not the keyboard it works prefectly and i have tried other on the surface also. anyone had the same issue ??


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Yes, I had this with my SP3. Took it to a MS store. My keyboard worked on other SP3s they had there and keyboards they had didn't work on mine. Factory reset didn't help X 2.
They replaced it with a refurbished one. This was the 3rd time I needed the SP3 replaced between 2014-2016. The 1st and 2nd replacements were with new units under warrantee. This last replacement was with a refurbished unit because it was out of warrantee. That refurbished one worked fine from 2016-2019. For me refurbished=bugs already fixed.

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