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iTunes 12 doesn't play through Speakers, while Spotify does


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Hi -

I just purchased my Surface Pro 3 and have installed iTunes 12 as well as Spotify - when I play a song in iTunes, the audio does not come out through the speakers (although the audio does work on headphones). Oddly, when I play Spotify without the headphones plugged in, audio does come through the speakers.

Is there a setting that I'm missing? It seems very odd that the audio plays through Spotify but not through iTunes, although I'm reading iTunes can be troublesome sometimes on a Surface (hoping it's something simple I'm missing...) - thanks!


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Have you authorized SP3 to play files in the iTunes settings?

I believe so - specifically, iTunes works when I plug in the headphone jack, but not when the headphone jack is not in. Is there some sort of setting in Sound that would cause this to happen? I've read elsewhere that folks have an issue when they play something, start with headphones on, then unplug them + the sound doesn't transfer to the speakers - that is not my issue at all. Just iTunes doesn't play from the speakers - Spotify, Youtube videos, etc. all do play. Thanks for any help!


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With iTunes open, open up your sound device manager and check to see which device is set as default player. Change it to external speaker if default is headphones or something else.

I had a similar yet opposite problem with a different app. Sound would come out of the speakers even with the headphones plugged in. Changed the setting in sound device and all was fixed.

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