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Best Buy SP7 Purchase


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Greetings all! Last night, I updated my SP5 to the SP7. I wasn't going to do it because I had the i5 8gb 256 SP5 and it really has worked well the couple years I owned it. However, there was a open box item for $640. Everything the same but I went down to 128 gb SSD, but I use a Samsung 256 gb sd card. I notice the snappiness of program opening and the screen and keyboard seems better to me, firmer keys, and crisper screen. I'm assuming the video chip is responsible for this, or it could just be placebo. I feel like its a good purchase as I'm still a full time college student in my 40's and do a lot of zoom and note taking.


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Congrats, @Sdelliott31. Your new SP7 should be good for all your online work. You should be able to sell your SP5 for a good price, as it is a good machine.

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