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Anyone dare install Win 11 beta on their Surface Pro 6?


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Any major issues with the SP 6 on Win 11 beta? I wonder now that Tablet mode is gone I may not like Win 11 on my SP6.


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I've seen where people have installed it on every Surface device possible ... Only the Surface RT and Surface 2 cannot run it. The Insider build has restrictions removed so it will install on anything else. What the final version will run on is yet to be known.

As for Tablet Mode, it's my understanding they improved touch when a keyboard is not attached thereby making Tablet Mode unnecessary. I haven't tried it yet so I can't speak from experience. Much has been made of Tablet Mode going away but I think it's the wrong message/a misunderstanding. It's more that it's all seamlessly integrated now. Yes, technically there is no Tablet Mode but the functionality is supposed to be superior.

If the SP6 is not your main device, make an image backup with Macrium Reflect and give it a try...

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