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  1. T

    Known issues for SP4

    My new sp4 has the following issues (although have all updated to the newest version till 27 Nov): 1st: Wifi disconnected and kept asking password with a warning: your information changed since the previous connection; 2nd: flickering screen especially in low brightness setting; 3rd: display...
  2. N

    Surface Pro 4 quickly discharging

    My Surface Pro 4 very quickly discharges when I do some hard processes with it, like installation of hard application or unpacking of huge archive. It may discharge on few percent's during few minutes. Is this normal? P.S. I've bought it few days ago and it have been charged fully only one time.
  3. E

    After TH2 Update: Battery drain /battery life in sleep mode much worse than before

    Hi there! After the TH2 update I recognized a much worse battery life espacially while sleep times on my Surface Pro 4 (i5, 8GB Ram). I read a lot about battery drain issues before but I did not have that issue. But now after the Treshold 2 update it seems to be finally there. I recognize about...
  4. N

    Quick Q: SP4 i5 limited or full touch support

    Hi Pretty much in the title, I noticed the other day that in Computer properties it says "Pen and limited touch support with 10 touch points". I'm on the SP4 i5 256GB/8GB. It seems strange that a new 'high-end' device such as the SP4 would only have limited touch support? I don't have any...
  5. M

    Surface Pen Not Working, Issues With One Note

    I was using one note and then all the sudden my pen stopped working(it wont open one note using the eraser button). I searched online but couldn't find much. Attached is a picture of the surface touch servicing having a warning sign and saying that it can't start with Code 10??? How do I fix...
  6. Bi-209

    Hi! New Surface user having issues with cursor(s)

    For some reason, my SP4 has a weird issue where it will use win7 loading cursors, then switch back to 8.1/10 mouse cursors. Under settings, I have confirmed that its supposed to use 8.1/10 cursors only. I also have gone through device manager and updated my mice/etc but all the drivers are...
  7. R

    Solved Surface Pro 4 and 2 external monitors

    Hi I have a Surface Pro 4 and 2 Samsung SE450 monitors I would like to use as well routed through the docking station. I have two mini-Display to VGA adapters for these monitors (Insignia and Rockfish brands). I can make either monitor work, but not both at the same time.When I plug them into...
  8. S

    Which version should I buy ?

    Hi, I started studying one month ago and acknowledged that I have to buy a new tablet. I decided to buy a Microsoft surface pro product, but I am not sure which one ? There are two types in my budget, I could afford. The first one is the, Microsoft Surface pro 3 with 256GB SSD , a i5...
  9. J

    Surface Pro 4 Boxed Weight and Dimensions Pleaseeee!?

    Hi there, Could anybody who has already received their device inform me as to the boxed weight and dimensions of the surface pro 4 i5 please? Very much appreciated Regards Jake
  10. M

    Surface pro 4 i5: 4gb or 8gb RAM?

    Hello all, I am planning to buy a surface pro 4 for college, but i don't know which configuration is the best for me. I am studying civil engineer at the university of Ghent(Belgium), so I would use the surface pro 4 as my pc. I would use it for taking notes, programming in java/matlab, and...
  11. unruledboy

    Poll What do you want to buy, Surface Pro or Surface Book?

    I am a big fan of Surface, I own a Surface Pro 3, I convinced quite a few people to buy Surface and they love it. Now, do you want to buy Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, or not?

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