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  1. Blackbird002

    Disable Task View (left-handed pen user)

    Hello fellow surface users, I currently using a Surface Pro 4 running windows 10. I am left-handed, so I write with my left hand. This presents a problem when writing because of Windows 10's task view function. If you swipe from the left edge of the screen to the right, task view shows up and...
  2. A

    Panos Panay please help with Support

    I have had a number of issues with my Surface Pro 4, but there are 2 issues that have not been fixed. The screen flickering when I dim the screen so I can prolong battery life, and the USB port on the charger can't charge the Surface Pro 4 and my cell phone at the same time. I have contacted...
  3. BorisHristov

    External Mic via the 3.5 Jack?

    Hey guys, Anyone able to use an external mic (I am having a Rode VideoMic) with Surface Pro 4 and Windows 10? The mic works perfectly well with my DLSR, but when I connect it to the Surface it's just not recognized as a mic and that's it. Some friends are not having the same problems, but they...
  4. R

    Solved FS: Surface Pro 4 i5/256GB/8GB - Like new w/warranty!

    Hey folks, long time lurker here on I've decided to sell my Surface Pro 4 i5/256GB/8GB with Type Cover 4 (Blue). I purchased this back in mid-November, but I'm just not using it enough to justify keeping it with my many other devices. This Surface is in like-new...
  5. BorisHristov

    Surface Pro 4 with Dell 25" or 27" monitor?

    Hey guys, Looking to buy either a 25 or a 27 inch 1440p Dell monitor soon (U2515H, UP2516D, U2716H, UP2716D - one of those). Anyone using such configuration? I don't have a dock and I will be connecting the monitor directly into the surface. I am currently using a 22 inch 1680x1050 and I am...
  6. C

    WI-FI problem with SP4

    Hi, yesterday I was handed the Surface Pro 4 i5 256gb 8gb (version: eu), but since the first start I had the first problem, the Wi-fi did not work well, the connection with wi-fi was slow and it continued to drop the connection, was not a problem of my modem/router or my connection, indeed my...
  7. B

    SP4 on screen keyboard won't appear

    Hi, I have got a sp4 and the keyboard use to appear on screen but now it doesn't. I have the 8gb i7 surface pro 4 someone please help
  8. barry.pearson

    Anyone with experience using the Surface Pro 4 with Surface Pro 3 Dock?

    I'm looking to possibly replace my desktop with my Surface Pro 4, I currently use it with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse and my monitor has a USB 3.0 and 2x USB 2.0 ports, however my SP4 has all sorts of cables coming out of it (a charger, USB cable to monitor, a MDP to monitor and 3.5 to...
  9. S

    Solved SP4 touch screen isnt responsive

    I see that some of the SP4 users experience this issue with the touch screen. Except that mine is completely unresponsive, not just time to time. It doesn't even respond to the pen input except for its eraser button on top, so i know BT isn't a issue. Reboot / restore / update doesnt resolve...
  10. M

    which sp4 for me

    Hello everybody, I'm about to buy me a sp4, but I don't know if I will choose the sp4 i5 4gb or the m3 model. Is there a real difference between the two? On youtube there are many games played with the 8gb version of the sp4, but I can't spend so much. Do you think that for exemple GTA V in low...
  11. 9

    News on Pinterest and Twitter

    Well I have none other than they don't work. I bought this for the wife and it is going to be an issue. Does anyone know if these apps are going to be available?
  12. E

    Solved New Netflix app does not work properly on Surface Pro 4?

    On my Surface Pro 4 the new Windows 10 Netflix app does not play most of the content (for example Jessica Jones, DareDevil etc.) It always gives out the error code: U7361-1253-8007001F After telephoning with a technical supporter for about 2 hours he said that it must have something to do with...
  13. R

    Solved SP4 Boot Loop

    Hi All, So, my SP4 went through a windows 10 update last night. Now when I turn it on the Surface logo appears the spinning dots then appear and then it goes dark and repeats this process. I have made a recovery USB but when I try to reset the SP4 choosing the "keep my files" option then the...
  14. H

    surface pro 3/4 pen problems

    Hi all, I have a surface 3 1 year now and the biggest problem I have is with the pen! I do all my work in photoshop with the pencil tool, my problem is that often when I want to change an angle with the A tool (shortcut) I cant get te point sometimes it takes 10 to 15 tries to move that point...
  15. S

    Surface Pro 4 docking station

    I've purchased a new Surface pro 4 (i5, 256GB HD, etc) for my work. We have tons of VGA and DVI monitors in the office but not HDMI or Display. So I am using our miniDisplay to VGA adapters we get with our Dell ultrabooks. However when ever we plug one of them into the dock the surface's screen...
  16. N

    Scratches and stains on Surface rear body

    I've bought Surface few weeks ago. Most times I've taken it with me in special cover which helps to avoid damaging. But today I've seen many scratches on its rear body; it also contains some stains which aren't scoured. Is it possible to remove scratches by using some "paint" or other tip?
  17. I

    SP4 i7 PCSX2

    Have any SP4 i7 owners tried PCSX2 out? With all the talk of throttling under heavy CPU load, I'm wondering if a CPU heavy ROM like Dragon Quest VIII would be playable for more than 20 seconds. On my SP1, I can just barely get FFXII playable with a little slowdown, but even native, DQ8 is just...
  18. T

    SP4 $899 M3 vs $999 I5 (What to buy as a primary tablet?)

    Surface Team, I am looking to buy a Surface Pro 4 today! Just wanted to seek your guidance to help with my decision. For me this will primarily be a tablet that also happens to do PC work when needed. I am not a student or an artist. This will primarily be for web browsing, video streaming...
  19. btreece

    Solved Pen Customization 'cuz MS won't do it

    As a new Surface buyer (Surface Pro 4 -- i5 8G 256 lot#1541), I cannot believe how long it has been for veterans of both this website & the Microsoft Community website, to share, ask & wait for a Pen Customization solution from Microsoft. :mad: Ever since the pen came about with the Surface...
  20. BorisHristov

    Touchpad going completely crazy in Chrome

    Just curious - I switched to Chrome because I saw a lot of battery drain from Edge. However, if anyone else is using Chrome on Surface Pro 4, when you are selecting some text via the touchpad, is the mouse going completely, completely crazy? What I mean by that is that if I select in the right...

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