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Tethering issue-- please help


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Hi all:

So, I have a T mobile unlimited data plan with 5GB of tethering data per month. I used it up really quickly and wont have access until May 10. Well, I am rooted and have done what was needed to do to fool my phone into using my unlimited plan to tether, allowing me to use data. Well, I can tether without issues to my tablets and i mac if I want. HOWEVER, when i try to access the web with my surface it brings up the T mobile splash page to purchase more data. NO idea and mind blown how it knows I am out, yet my other devices dont.

Went to Bestbuy and the microsoft guy said it would be 8.1 pro. Well, sure enough i tried a display 8.1 laptop and not a problem to access the web. So, it sounds like it could be 8.1 pro, BUT why wouldnt it be an issue when i am in my legal 5GB it works fine.

So annoyed and confused. Any ideas?



if your using FoxFi then try connecting it via USB mode and then enable "Hide Tether Useage" if this works then you can turn on Wifi Share mode and that will let your SP3 become a hotspot for other devices if you need that.


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If you’re asking how to circumvent your TOS with T-Mobile, I’m not sure you can discuss that in this forum If you’re asking how does T-Mobile know whether you’re tethering or not, they can’t say with 100% certainty that you are, but they can make deductions with very high probability rates by looking at APNs, ARPs, packet sniffing, and MAC addresses, just to mention a few key indicators.


I have a similar albeit intermittent problem when I tether my US T-Mobile phone when travelling abroad...

(Did you know that T-Mobile provide as a FREE service FREE international data roaming...? Limited to about 128K but fine for mail and basic browsing when I'm in the middle of nowhere without WiFi access).

The issue seems to be with HTTP access through the browser when they throw you to the splash page, you will still have HTTPS, IMAP, SMTP. POP3 etc.

So if you go to http://www.google.com you get the splash page, you don't if you go to https://www.google.com

All I do is fire up a VPN connection to a service I use, http problem goes away, works for me...YMMV

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