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Surface Pro1 -- A Freebie For Somebody


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I have an original Surface Pro 1 -- Ordered about 30 minutes after they first were announced. It has served me well for all these years, but now it has succumbed to the Swollen Battery Disease. It fits my structure, so I replaced it with a SPro2 that I bought on Ebay.
My problem is that it still works, but I don't need it or want it. I was raised on a small farm, and we didn't throw nothin' away. I simply cannot bring myself to just put it in the trash.
It still works. It has Windows 10 Pro installed. Works fine with a mouse, but keyboard is erratic. The screen is lifted from the frame about 1/4 inch, so connections are uncertain.
Just the SPro -- no charger, no keyboard or anything else.
I will even pay the shipping (US only) if you tell me you can use it. First response takes the prize.
Russ Walden


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sixmanasco --
Sorry about the late reply.After a month I stopped checking.
Email me the shipping info and I will send it.
Email is: rwalden@rwalden.com

Take care,
Russ Walden

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