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Surface Pro 3 docking station compatible with Surface Pro 6?


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I guess I'm not that good with the Forum search just yet, but I was wondering if anyone has tried this yet. I found that the Surface Pro 3's standing docking station has an adapter so that the Surface Pro 4 can fit in the same clamping dock, but was curious if this also means that Surface 2017 and Surface Pro 6 can ALSO fit? Anyone have the Surface Pro 3 standing dock? If so, how do you like it? Really wish more members were active here trying new things like this and posting about it, alas......seems like the members don't try to push the hardware much. It's all good.....


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I have a Surface Pro 6 plugged into the Surface Pro 3 docking station. Charging, Ethernet port and external monitor seem to work just fine. I have the keyboard attached and I do not have the docking station adapter, easy to mount and unmount the Surface from the docking station.

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