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Surface Earbuds Interference


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Hi all, newbie here.

I have a quite peculiar problem with my Surface Earbuds. Whenever I use them outside (walking) the left one seems to be reacting to something and constantly fluttering in the audio. It is like it loses sync with the right earbud very often. If I am in the house it is fine... Does anybody else experience this problem? The problem has been constant, both on my Galaxy S9 and now on my Surface Duo 2.

Is there a way to re-sync the earbuds between themselves?


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When you walk in the opposite direction, does the other one flutter? Bluetooth uses similar RF bands as 2.4 GHz WiFi, so you may be getting interference from routers and devices on one side of the road or path.
To your question, it seems pairing between buds is not an option.
But you might want to pair them to your Duo while outside, so that the best sub-channels may be found.

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