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Surface Book freezing ?


This has happened once before yesterdays update and again this morning. Today I was on facebook watching a video then the video freezes but the sound keeps going. Everything is frozen but the mouse. Pressing the power button, waiting till the screen shuts off then press power again fixes it. Anything you clicked on like a different browser tab while frozen will now be displayed. It acts like everything is still running but the screen is frozen. this was on the Edge browser, Ill try IE only for a few days.


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Probably another variation of Display Driver Crash Reloaded episode IV the empire strikes back again with a twist. ;)


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My new UK Surface Book i7 is doing this also on Facebook. I keep having to revert to Chrome. Doesn't do it on my Surface Pro 3 though.

Must be something to do with the video card. Hope they fix it soon!!


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I just signed on to find out why my surfacebook is freezing all the time suddenly....hate all the bugs...also keep getting adobe flash has crashed message....


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This is the only main bug I'm experiencing touch wood. May have to scrap using Edge for a while. I like the lightweight feel of edge but still too buggy!

Doesn't do it on the Pro 3 though so definitely a Book/Edge Issue!