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surface book 2. Suddenly goes to sleep


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I'm running into an issue with my surface book 2.
I've been teaching online using zoom. and adobe photoshop during these meetings plus recording with OBS. after about 5 hrs of class.
the computer suddenly goes black. I can only assume it's going to sleep mode.
I can't see anything on the screen but I am still able to talk to my students. and they say they can still see my screen (as I was sharing it)
I have hold power down. before I can see a "shut down" screen. but photoshop's will still appear but some menus are gone.

I've had this occur 3 times already on me.
I'm not exactly sure what's causing this.

but its accrued every time with photoshop, zoom, obs (recording software).
Windows and photoshop and obs running latest software. and zoom (just downloaded the latest update thurs)

I was hoping it was a zoom issue and yesterday would be different. but I still get this sleep mode issue.
I'm not sure if it maybe over heating possibly? )I do have the screen flipped backwards covering the keyboard. (it's easier to draw this way)

thanks in advance
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Hello @kidchuckle

I have two 15" Surface Book 2 devices.

I suppose you have already checked your power settings for both the computer and the screen? You can set each separately to NEVER sleep when plugged in.

Annotation 2020-05-09 151144_1.png

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Also, you may have noticed that touching the top of the screen, on the back, just left of the back of the camera, with anything magnetic, will black out the screen. This includes the pen.

I have been on Zoom with my screen backwards as well. I had the pen in my hand, because I was using it as a live writer. But with that same hand, I adjusted the tilt of the screen, and the screen went black. The Zoom session was corrupted as a result.

Just so you are aware, take your pen and slide it along the top of the screen rear. Your computer will think the lid is closed, since that is how the screen normally goes blank when closed onto the keyboard. The keyboard has a magnet on its front edge, directly towards the user from the Alt key, and near the touch pad. You've probably discovered that from your pen.

Wayne Orwig

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I can't see anything on the screen but I am still able to talk to my students. and they say they can still see my screen (as I was sharing it)

Since it appears that the processor is still going at 'full speed', I don't think it would be a sleep issue. Sounds like a glitch in the display driver.

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I have similar problems with my Surface Laptop. The machine doesn't seem to be able to differentiate the power settings for battery vs plugged in. I have it set for the screen to turn off after 5 min for battery, never for plugged in. It turns off after 5 minutes anyway even when it's plugged in. For sleep, I have to disable it completely for both battery or plugged in, or else it will sleep in the middle of calculations while plugged in.

Does anybody else have this issue?


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If you are using a Surface Dock for power, unplug it from the wall, then plug back in. The docking stations goes into some kind of dormant state after some time.

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