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Surface 3 - Mini Display Port Crash


So any issue while on the preview that is a basically a beta version don't really apply to normal users. Just stating this so people understand that it is most likely due to the preview and not the hardware.

I guess you weren't really reporting an issue, but some people will read it as such. :)
My main intent was to offer a solution that might work on either Win 8 or 10.......I've been using the Basic Microsoft Video Driver all day today and have not had any of the crashes or screen black-outs that I was having with the Intel drivers. The one downside is that the Basic driver resulted in animations, such as opening the Start Menu, kind of stuttering as it opened. But this is easily fixed by turning off animations.... which gives you a speedier Windows regardless.


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Hi. We experience the same problem, with an external screen connected via a convertor Mini Displayport - VGA. After "a while", the screen goes dark.

I did roll-back to the previous Intel driver version, but the problem is still present.
How do you install the "Basic Microsoft Video Driver" ?
How to report to Microsoft or Intel that there is a bug ?

Does any of you have further info on a solution for this issue ?

Thanks !

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