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SP 7 Power up by itself


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For the past week, I've noticed my 7 powers up by itself. I shut it down from the start menu each time I'm through using it. When I go back to use it again it's hot and when I lift the screen it's on.

Did a web search and found some old threads but nothing helpful. I leave it on my desk. I have an older mouse which I also shut off. I don't accidentally hit the on switch when I close it after shutting it down.

This is odd as I've also had major issues, starting about the same time, with the internal Marvel Avestar wifi booting me off after about 30 min or so. Wound having to purchase a netgear wifi dongle.

I work from home and use an MSP for my tech. They've found no issues.

Thoughts. . .


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Could be caused by electromagnetic interference activating the power circuitry. Are you near power boxes, supplies, transmitters, microwaves, etc. ?

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