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Screen Separating

Frank Spoerl

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My SP3 is about 4 years old and works well. Yesterday, both side of the screen popped up from the body of the tablet. When pressed back down it almost feels like the screen is slightly oversized. Overnight, I used clamps to try to reset the glue/tape that holds the parts together. Within an hour of taking the clamps off, the screen popped out again.
Has anybody else experienced this? Can I continue to use the tablet with an error gap on each side? Any other problems I should watch for? Thanks


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This happened to SP4 devices mostly. Your battery is most likely swollen. You shouldn't use it anymore


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This happened to my SP3 which served me well for 5 years, the longest I ever kept and used a computer.
It is from the battery swelling and can catch on fire. I disposed of it through a Microsoft store and purchased a SP7 which is a big upgrade from the 3.

This is known to happen to iPhones from leaving them plugged in when charged, but the Surface charging shuts off once fully charged so I don't know if that's the cause. I unplug the charging cable when my SP7 is charged and not in use just in case.

Wayne Orwig

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I have not done it. I did take apart a an original Surface and repaired the power switch (I had dropped it and damaged it. All would have been well, but when I separated the display I inadvertently pulled on the short display cable, and that led to other issues.


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