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I am relatively new owner of the Surface 3 pro. I am not totally happy with the colors of the screen for viewing high resolution pictures and videos. I have been reading in this forum about an Intel HD driver with options that are not normally available with the stock driver. Is there a drawback for installing and trying the Intel Driver? My Surface pro is the i5 /128 - which Intel Driver should I look for?
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It is fine to install the intel drivers, I have been running them on my i7 for a while now with no issues. It is nice to have more options to control your performance as well.

Here is the link to the drivers for the i5 (Latest version on top of list should be perfect, 64-bit):

You have to download the ZIP file, extract it and add the driver manually through device manager. The EXE does not recognize the Surface Pro 3 as a proper device.


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I too have been happy with the display driver that Microsoft gives us. My only thought about using a driver that Microsoft doesn't support would be that if any issues come up that could be remotely caused by a video driver would leave me wondering. As a micro computer support engineer, if I had a customer that somehow installed an Intel driver and than complained to me about almost any issue with their Surface, I would remove the Intel driver and install the Microsoft driver.

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