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Programs stored on 128gb Micro SD possible?


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There are a lot of variables in the performance of read/write speeds on the internal storage in real life performance, not synthetic benchmarks. The performance differences will be magnified on an SD card.


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I looked again, I also have a Samsung SD in my SPro (this one http://www.amazon.de/Samsung-microSDXC-Class-Speicherkarte-MB-MGCGBEU/dp/B009HPFUGI) .. The SanDisk is then in my phone.

Is the write-speed as fast as advertised? I thought about buying one of these cards..

You can almost always find benchmark scores in the AMazon reviews for a card you're interested in. This one was near the top:
For those who want real numbers here are the bench marks. I tested the card using CrystalDiskMark 3.0.3 x64.
Seq 81.96 MB/s 74.17 MB/s
512k 74.35 MB/s 66.11 MB/s
4k 9.645 MB/s 2.112 MB/s
4k QD32 12.11 MB/s 1.552 MB/s

Those are good numbers.


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Hm I maybe try that one .. I'd like to have one with 128GB but it seems there's only one availible (a SanDisk Ultra) and that is very slow (30MB/s read, 10MB/s write) :( ..


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For what you want to do, programs rather than media, look only for cards that say they are class 1o.


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class 10 covers a wide range of performance ... 10 megabytes per second is the minimum as indicated by Class 10. The speed ratings tell another story and can go up to 104 MB/s currently. Your mileage will vary greatly depending on the speed rating of the card. I would recommend an absolute minimum of 30 MB/s, 50-60 of course is a lot better and you know I'm using a 90MB/s card. Price goes up with speed generally.




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Hm I maybe try that one .. I'd like to have one with 128GB but it seems there's only one availible (a SanDisk Ultra) and that is very slow (30MB/s read, 10MB/s write) :( ..
I've seen a number of issues reported with 128GB cards... id give them a few months to settle out. but hey, if you get a good one you'll be in tall cotton.


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Well, I finally got one of these Samsung Pro SDXC-Cards :) ..

I made some benchmarks with it:
Without BitLocker:

With BitLocker enabled

For comparison my external HDD (a 1TB 2,5" WD RED via USB3)

The only ugly thing is that it's white and doesn't match with the black SP ;)..


I tried this with my Surface Pro (there were only 128GB availible :( ) .. SD-Cards are VERY slow, even compared to harddrives. I got a 64GB SanDisk (I think it's a SanDisk, I'm not sure at the moment). It's ok to store your pictures, music and such things, but I don't recommend to install any programs. I have some old games installed on it but if you try to use any newer software it will be extremly slow. I once had VisualStudio installed on the SD and it took about an hour until an update was installed (on normal HDD about 3 Minutes).

I haven't tried it yet simply because I was very disappointed in the speed that my data was transferring to and from the card. I got a SanDisk 128GB Extreme card and I wasn't expecting the speed to be sooo slow. So I never tried to install a program to it


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Just wanted to pipe up, as I researched the same topic on the web today. It seems the best way to use the surface pro is to install programs and maybe onedrive data on the SSD, and leave secondary files (photo, music and video collections) on the sd card.

However, I would try to mount my SD card as a hard drive with NTFS formatting. That should also make it possible to install smaller programs and to read/write data without issues - of course assuming that the SD card does not disconnect. ;) I still have to wait a few days for my Surface to arrive, but I am going to give this a try.

This guide here is a simple step-by-step on how to format the SD and mount it as a hard drive http://southpawprints.wordpress.com/2013/02/20/surface-pro-windows-8-and-a-micro-sd-card/
All credit goes to the author of the linked blog! Try at your own risk and DON'T format C:/ by mistake!!!! Periodic backups to external drives should be done as well. Better safe than sorry. :D

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