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Hi all
I am new to this site, hope someone cane help me, I have this SurfacePro that has worked fine in the past, however I took it out of my closet after sitting for a few months, now I can’t connect to anything with my home wifi. If I hot spot it all work fine.
When I am on my home wifi it show that I have internet connection


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Hello, @Hheide. Welcome!

On your SurfacePro, Cortana Search for Device Manager, and start it. Then uninstall and remove drivers for your Network Adapter (AVASTAR …). Immediately reboot by holding in the power button for 30 seconds, then pressing again.

When you start back up, your network may be already recognized by your Surface Pro.

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If in the end this doesn't work, then you need to "Forget" your home network, and re-introduce it to your Surface Pro.
Let us know.

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