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Powering on issues


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I am looking at a Surface 2 Laptop of a young Ukrainian family who have just moved to my own after fleeing their country, so whatever I can do to help I will!

They've a Surface 2 Laptop (1769) that has just stopped working. Just like that. It's charging (two separate chargers light up when plugged in) but it won't turn on. I've tried 30 second power button presses, Ctrl + Shift + Win + B but all no luck.

When you press the power buttons on the backlight of the screen DOES illuminate briefly and dimly, so it's not totally dead, but I suspect it's not far from it.

Any ideas of things to try?



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This may be the "slow trickle" effect. Let it charge for 24 hours. Might get there. Thanks for helping this family.

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