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Pen glitches when palm touches screen


I had issues like this when I had manually recalibrated the pen(not talking about through Surface Hub). I am not running Windows 8.1 anymore, so I do not remember how to open up the calibration, but I think it is called Tablet PC Settings.

It brings you to screen where you tape 4 points with the pen. you can set it to factory default and that might fix issue. When I calibrated it myself, there was part of the screen that if I was near it the cursor went crazy. Just resetting it to default fixed issue.


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I know what you mean. I've had that issue after calibrating -where the pen will shoot across the screen when you are anywhere near the edge. Reseting calibration fixes this.

But my problem starts right out of the box with brand new devices. And persists after updates and ntrig installs, etc. I literally can't use the surface if I touch it at all, no matter what I try. The cursor just goes absolutely bonkers the moment my skin comes into contact.

I've found countless posts from people with this same issue. I wonder why some of us are incapable of using the SP3, even after replacing it.



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