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Pandora in background for pro 3


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Hello guys,

Does anyone know how to get pandora playing in the background with the screen off. I want it to save some battery while at work. I don't need it to sleep, but just have the display off. I downloaded this app called touch gestures and it allows you to turn off the display only, but even when i turn off the display only the music actually stops. I've actually used the touch gesture app for the surface pro 2 and it actually turns off the display and plays pandora at the same time. I don't know what changes they did for the surface pro 3 but its pretty annoying. Wouldn't they figure people are going to stream music with this thing? Anyone have any solutions? I dont want the pro 3 to be on constantly at work draining my battery.


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This is as best as its going to get. Monoff by Gizmoware

This program just shuts the monitor off, so it doesn't sleep. It's what I use when listening to music on my SP1!
Protip: I added it to my quicklaunch bar next to the touch keyboard shortcut for easy access.


"Description: MetroRadio is a 3rd Party Application for the popular music streaming service Pandora on the Windows Phone and Windows 8 platforms.
Browsing and listening to stations
Adding stations
Using your Pandora account
Semantic Zoom
Music Rating"

4/5 stars

Install MetroRadio. It syncs with your Pandora account and since it's a Metro app it will run even in "Standby Connected" mode... i.e. with the screen off.
Sometimes it shows ads on the screen :(.

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