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Keyboard colour

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Thought it be nice to see which is most popular.
So what kb colour you got any why.
I don't see anyone with the blue one (not cyan) which is the colour im thinking of getting Thursday.
Had the black one, felt it was boring/plain, so exchanged for the blue one...so yea I have the blue one (the light blue, not the dark best buy exclusive blue).


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Hi, i'm going to have the blue one because i think for example on the cyan colour you will see dirt much faster compared to the darker one.


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I have the dark blue. Apparently, this is supposed to be a Best Buy exclusive, but I bought mine on release day from the MS store in Toronto.


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I originally went for blue (proper, not cyan), but changed my order to black. I just think it will look better, for me. I'm not a fan of having colourful stuff... all my tech is black, including my Type Cover 2.

I almost went for blue because SP3 is silver, not black.


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Cyan.... had Cyan for the RT (Limited Edition Skulls), had black for Gen 2 devices, went back to Cyan for Gen 3 as I liked it the best....

My son went with red, my wife went with purple (Our phones match our covers as well)
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