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Is 10Gb networking possible?


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I know, dumb question. Despite the high potential data rate of USB-C 3.2, I would guess there is no way I can make use of the 10Gbit fiber connection that runs to the desktop I'm replacing with this SPro7? I think I can get a USB-C to SFP+ network adapter. I have network-attached storage, so the 10Gb fiber makes it responsive.

I have a Surface Dock 2 on the way. Does the magnetic connector actually support 10Gbps USB-C 3.2? Probably this is one thing the desktop could do the SPro7 can't.
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AFAIK there aren't any 10gb USB ethernet adapters and if there was they likely would not get 10gb but maybe 6-8gb at best due to overhead and internal system priorities over the USB channel. There are a couple 5gb USB adapters you could maybe team them through a switch. That's probably the best you'll do. I'd expect the same limitations with USB-C to fiber because USB 3x is where the bottleneck is. I saw a couple of SFP+ adapters with USB-C connectors but they all were Thunderbolt3.
The Surface Dock 2 USB-C ports do support 10gbs USB 3.2 Gen2
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