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I'm desperate - Ghost touches


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Good morning, fellow users,

I got my surface pro 3 during a trip to Spain last year (I reside in Brazil) around april, and everything was going fine until this year, when I was sensing dead spots on the screen. Kinda dead, as it works if I press the pen HARD.

Then all of a sudden it began having those ghost touches, which makes it impossible to work with. I then disabled the touch screen drive and now it works fine with only the pen drive activated (the dead area is still there). When resetting, it gets stuck on surface logo.

But, well, that's not why I bought it for. I am currently factory reseting hoping it will fix, but I am not sure. And I really need it for my studies.

Edit: I factory reseted and it got stuck on surface logo again, did the two-button trick, it started, but the damn ghost touches persists, even during the setup!

Has it ever happened to any of you? Is there a fix? I am not sure if I can get it fixed here in Brazil.

Thank you.


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