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How to clean ink from Surface - Type and Touch Covers


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I use Surface RT tablets in my classroom. Some of the tablets have Type Covers, some have Touch Covers. Sometimes, a student will mark the cover with a pen, such as in the attached picture. They will tag the Touch Covers more often, because they are a bright blue and felty.

My question is, how do I remove the ink from these covers? I try using Isopropyl Alcohol, which does help fade the ink. Just wondering if anyone has any other ideas.


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Even very mild soap on my red cover leaves red color on the towel I use. In time, both alcohol and ammonia will likely also strip color away, but also will fade or remove ink or paint.

A faded cover is probably better than a tagged cover.


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On the Surface Pro or Pro 2, flip the pen and use the back of the pen to erase. On the Surface Pro 3, press the lower button to erase.

Oh wait, we are talking about real ink...my bad

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