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Free up 20GB+ after Win 10 Upgrade


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Go to "This PC" and right click on your C: drive and select Properties. Select "Disk Cleanup" and then "Cleanup System Files". You can choose all the options and it will clean up your old windows install and any extra install and windows update files. Gave me an extra 28GB of space.

That's of course if you don't plan on going back to Windows 8.1
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Yep, and I almost did this....and I'm so glad I didn't.
W10 just isn't polished/stable enough for me day to day.
I can live with a rough edge or two, but several factors made me jump back to 8.1.
I know MAJOR updates are coming, but I'm going to let a few others go through the wall first.
That was the original plan, got bored...then curious, then burnt...LOL.

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