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Docking station issue


My Surface Book is connected to a docking station and has been for years. I use the Surface to edit videos in PD and Pr and photos in Ps, Lr. Recently however PD is behaving badly. Also, when I unplug the docking station windows crashes and has to be rebooted,

I'm sure the docking station is the culprit because after I reboot, with the docking station unplugged, PD behaves.

Am I going to have to purchase a new docking station or can the one I have be fixed? Are the current docking stations "new and improved" or basically unchanged? I ask because mine overheats. I discovered that after many crashes, that stopped after I directed a small USB fan onto the unit. So I wonder if that problem might have been corrected over the years since I purchased the one I have,


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Howdy, Mike

A comment and a question:

- You should exercise your battery. By leaving the Surface connected to a docking station continually, your Surface Battery becomes lazy, to the point of damage. Microsoft recommends letting the battery drain below 40% frequently, before reconnecting to a charger.

- What docking station? The original Surface docking station, or the one which is sold now (Docking Station 2). Surface firmware and software (drivers) are installed to support the docking station, but I am not sure the original docking station is supported any longer.

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