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Adblock and Adblock Plus for Edge Available for Insiders


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So what's the difference between the two? I installed Plus because that's what I used on Firefox. A little disappointed in the instability so far. It's caused Edge to freeze hard a couple of times. Ended up having to end task on it. Also couldn't select a new list last time i tried (button did nothing). I realize it's a preview, so I'm still excited at the potential!


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can it block these damn links that portray themselves to be some kind of news and it goes down a long spiel that turns into an ad. I'm starting to get pretty good at recognizing them but once in awhile I still get fooled.


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Love this feature! Thanks, MS!
I deal with some websites that will not function when generic host file edits are in place, but this ad block does not disable any of my websites. I can now peruse Surface Forums on Edge!
Thanks again.

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