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Accessory Compatibility Thread

Happy to report that:

Working: Dell external DVD RW drive bought for my old netbook works just fine (model GX10N)
Working: HP Printer Officejet Pro 8600 Plus works great.
Working: Finis SwiMP3 2G both charge and allow data transfer.
Working: After market power supply bought off eBay.
Working: WD Extrnal Hard Drive
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Working: After market power supply bought off eBay.
CAREFUL about this one---- C?heck the forum there are a few threads about this with helpful things to look out for and check. A few people had their melt on them. I am not electrical proficient so i dont mess with this.... :)


Hp wireless mouse Model Fha-3510
Intocircuit 26000 portable battery pack
Jaybird Bluebud headphone, Bluetooth able to adjust volume on the headsets it doesn't adjust the pc volume.
Logitech k400 wireless keyboard with key pad
MS Wireless Mobile mouse 4000
MS Wedge mouse
MS sculpt comfort mouse
Ocz 180 gb ssd, ina portable sata case
Seagate wireless plus wifi hard drive. works in wifi mode and when connected to usb
usb to 13 pin sata connector for using laptop internal cd/dvd drives
Xbox 360 wired controller
Xbox 360 wireless controller with receiver
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Common Access Card reader for accessing my government exchange email. Small and compact when folded.
Amazon.com : New - Portable ID1 Contact smart Card Reader - SCR3500 : Computer Memory Card Readers : Computers & Accessories
cac reader1.JPGcac reaader 2'.JPG

BlueTooth presenter for PowerPoint presentations
Amazon.com : Kensington Presentair Bluetooth Presentation Remote with Red Laser and Stylus (K39524US) : Electronics
kensington bt presenter.JPG


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Numark Omni Control DJ Controller... DOES NOT WORK (in fact, with anything Windows 8, as per conversation with Numark support team)


Pretty gutted about that tbh, I'll have to buy a new one.


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Logitech Wireless Speaker Adapter... DOES WORK hit the little button on top, scanned for new devices on my Surface, drivers were installed in less than 30 seconds. And it worked, straight away. Happy :) really good for £25!




Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX (Without Setpoint, the button behind the scroll when behaves as the middle button. Tracks beautifully.) (Tested on SRT 8.1P)
Logitech Performance Mouse MX (Without Setpoint, the two ‘extra’ buttons do nothing. Tracks beautifully.) (Tested on SRT 8.1P)
StarTech 1.8” USB 2.0 CE IDE HDD Enclosure with Toshiba MK1214GAH 120GB HDD (Tested on SRT 8.1P)

Not Working:
Logitech Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad T650 (The curser tracks, but most of the functions, including Touch-to-Click do not work without Setpoint.) (Tested on SRT 8.1P)
Generic USB ODD. (Device does not register being connected. (Tested on SRT 8.0)
ClearSpot Voyager (Device is recognized, but no drivers are available.) (Tested on SRT 8.1P)
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haha I was going to start a thread with working hardware but it looks like you stole my idea

so let me add

Logitech gamepad F310 works brilliantly
Epson NX-330 wireless printer
creative WP-300 Bluetooth headphones working with all the controls


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I'd like to edit my above post about the bluetooth audio receiver to add that it will interfere with Wi-Fi signal if you have another bluetooth device already attached.


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I notice that apparently people are reporting things working without regard to if it is on a Surface Pro, or just a Surface. I suspect this will lead to confusion down the road.

Samsung SE-506BB/TSBD My Surface Pro 2's USB 3.0 PORT can not fully power this device. that means it can generally play DVDs, but fails to play Blu-ray moves when directly connect to my Surface Pro 2 USB port. This device comes with a single USB 2 connector, and does not come with the ability to add external power.

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