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Tomorrow would have been 4 years since I bought my Surface Pro 6 and earlier this week the power cord finally gave up. I have to admit I was NOT gentle OR considerate with it. Yanked the cord MULTIPLE TIMES when it was tangled with other cords in my backpack so it makes sense. From now on I will definitely be more cautious when I am pulling the charger out but I just got my official Microsoft power cord from Amazon to replace the original. Man it's so impressive how this thing is STILL lasting since I got it and STILL outperforming work machines that I get from my employers to use in the workplace.

I think next up is a Signature keyboard. This one has gotten QUITE dirty through the years, but maybe a Surface Pro 8/9 will be in my future and completely replace this Surface Pro 6 TABLET. I HATE it when people call it a "laptop". iPad Pro has a keyboard too! Better start calling THAT a "laptop" and no longer a tablet.