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Win8.1 touch keyboard wrong touch/key recognition problem


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I've just bought a surface pro 3 as my first windows tablet. I was using an ipad before.
Windows 8.1's original touch keyboard has problems if you don't touch to the middle of a virtual key. It may recognize it like you pressed the button next to it instead. I use my sp3 without typecover when I'm using it as a tablet, and this problem really annoys me. I was writing fine with Ipad's IOS keyboard, but windows 8.1 keyboard requires you to touch exactly to the center of buttons, otherwise it may recognize for example "s" instead of "a".
I have tried alternative touch keyboard softwares like "touch-it", it doesn't have the problem above, but it has responsiveness problems and you can't write fast with it.
Can I somehow tweak windows 8.1 keyboard to solve this problem? Or can you suggest me an alternative touch keyboard software?

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