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Why is my desktop using up so much hard drive space?


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I just got my brand new Microsoft Surface Book 2 this week and installed all the software programs I use like Adobe, Comodo Dragon (browser), Spotify, Amazon Music, and a few others, but not that much. My Surface Book is brand new, so I've barely used it. There aren't that many files created or used yet outside of just the software. It would make sense that Apps & Games would actually use the most space, then, but for some reason, the Desktop apparently is using up over 1/3 of the entire 1TB hard drive! Why? I am uploading a screenshot of the distribution of storage space and my desktop. I don't understand why the desktop is using that much space.


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Your desktop has a file folder named "Holly" - do you have a bunch of files (photos and/or videos) in the folder?


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If the "Holly" file didn't resolve your issue - Try downloading and installing/running 'TreeSize' (Free Version) which will render a more detailed explanation of the contents of hard drive files. Once TreeSize has been ran, use your right-click menu (See Attached Pic) and perhaps use the 'Expand' option to see what is contained in the folders in question. Small but informative software - Let us know what resolution you come up with (Time permitting of course. Capture.PNG