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Where has Cortana gone?

Does Cortana work on your Surface Hub?

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I have two Surface Hub's, both the 55 inch version. On factory resetting them a week ago both have lost the Cortana speach recognition interface after all the usual Windows updates and there's now no longer mention of it in the settings menu. Has the feature been removed?
Can someone else confirm if the feature is there anymore?
Many thanks, Jason.


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Hey Guys,

I'm having the same problem and I've just filed a ticket to Microsoft querying whether cortana is available on surface hubs. I remember setting it up the first time and cortana came up on the screen but after finally managing to connect the hub to the internet it did an update and removed cortana or at least that's what I think the root cause of the issue is.

Please let me know if you've managed to sort this out?


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Hey Daim,
Unfortunately this is still not working for us.
Can you let us know what Microsoft said about this? Has the feature been revoked?


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We just recently purchased our first surface hubs. When we unboxed and set up the first one, it was running Windows 10 v1511. We enabled Cortana in the System settings and it was working well. After spending the better part of a day installing windows updates, the Hub is now running v1607, and Cortana is gone. We can't find any option to enable it in System settings, or anywhere else. The online documentation for Surface Hub still describes Cortana as a feature, and mentions that Cortana isn't available in all regions and that Cortana can also be disabled by an admin. It gives no hint as to where an Admin would go to enable or disable the feature though. :(

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